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WMO assessment

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

As many of you are aware, since black saturday, Local councils have initiated a new Town planning overlay called WMO, Wildfire Management Overlay. This is basically assessing your proposal against the local CFA and council recommendations for a wildfire management plan to avoid loss of life during a bushfire.

Obvioulsy this is just a new Town planning overlay, with very few speacilists available to write WMO management plans and reports, the waiting time for approvals is increasing.

Fast Track’s town planning department are specialists in preparing both WMO managements plans and BAL, building action levels. We assess your proposal and ensure that it has the best chance of being approved. our usual timeline to get the documentation completed by our team is within a week if we have all the required information needed, also, as we specilize in these reports, we provide all the information that the local council and CFA require for a quick and successful application, allowing you to get on and obtain your building permit.

So, if your a local Melbourne builder, Melbourne designer or architect or home owner wanting a quick and cost effective result to your WMO issues, please contact our Town Planning Team for a fee proposal.

Timber Decking Trends

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Decking is more than just planks of plain wood. Find out what’s on the market is what the Architect Melbourne or designer as there are many choices available, each with advantages, disadvantages and special requirements. We look at what you’ll need, depending on what you’ll be using it for.


The hardest wearing timber decking material, hardwoods like jarrah and ironbark are generally a pricier alternative. Because hardwood comes from older growth trees it is harder to come by than softwood such as pine. As a general rule hardwood will last longer and some hardwoods are naturally termite resistant.


The most popular timber material is pine, at around $2.50 per metre. but there are other softwoods like douglas fir. When treated, softwood is hard wearing and suitable for any decking part, including cross beams and posts. Paler than hardwood, it can be stained a variety of tones.


very important that your Architectual Services Team advise you on these synthetic materials, as they are gaining popularity, due to their easy installation and the lack of maintenance required. There are composite products like ModWood, which is made from a mixture of ground sawdust and recycled plastic milk bottles. At around $5 per metre, ModWood is double the price of a pine equivalent, however, like other synthetics, it comes in a variety of wood colours and grain finishes that look the real thing and don’t require painting or staining.

Myth busting Architects vs Building Designer

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Some of you may not know what you can achieve the same results with a building designer instead of an architect.

 We service all type of client including those searching for architects melbourne