s Pre-Project Brief

Pre-Project Brief

It is highly recommended that you know and understand the full extent of what your project will cost and what paperwork, due diligence and any issues that need to be overcome prior to a successful project.

Fast Track Plans and Permits offers a highly recommended service where we sit down with you and go over exactly what your wanting from your project, we look over our project with a fresh pair of experienced eyes and can suggest improvements, cost saving areas, interior aesthetics and movement, recommendations on materials and finishes.

We highlight the issues, as we believe that you should know “the bad news as well as the good” before you invest in a project and we can suggest what will be required that provides the best outcome for any issue. We also provide a base costing for your project to get to contract administration stage and recommendations on builders and how to select the right builder.

If you would like to move forward with our Pre-Project Briefing, please contact us online or call the design team directly at 1300 044 710 or 0404 906 803.

The cost for service is $350.00+GST.