Fasttrack Plans & Permits provide building working drawings, plans and permits for new homes, home extensions and commercial projects and shop fit-outs. We also provide town planning services which may be required by your local council depending on your project.

For builders across melbourne we provide plans and permits with guaranteed delivery for new homes and home extensions.

We service all suburbs within Melbourne and the outer suburbs.

Our company provides the following services

Building Design

Fasttrack Plans & Permits has a unique product which enables us to provide 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional building designs to help you visualize your dreams. As part of our pre-project brief, we can show you what your house or extension will look like before you build.

The design team deliver services that are tailored to your needs and wants and can take you from concepts to permit stages with ease. We help you through the decision making process to help you reach your goals. You are informed with honesty what you can and can’t achieve in terms of financial requirements and building design. You are in control of your dream. We know you don’t want your time wasted, sos for all our new homes in Melbourne and home extensions in Melbourne, we deliver building plans on time, every time.

Plans and Working Drawings

Building Design Concept Plans

Building Design Concept Plans

Mainly used on big projects or major town planning projects where you need to put your ideas in a format that everyone can provide positive or negative feedback before you invest to much time or money into the project

Commercial Building Design Concept Plans 3D
Town Planning Drawings

Town Planning Drawings

Drawings done to show the building usage and impact upon the neighborhood and the local area, these are essential for any town planning application and are usually done in 3D as this is becoming more of a requirement by local councils to easily show what the finished project will look like, town planning drawings usually include the following.

  1. Site analysis and neighborhood description, existing and proposed.
  2. Floor plans and elevations, existing and proposed
  3. overlooking and over-shadowing diagrams
  4. color schedule and material schedules
  5. signage positions and parking
  6. Land surveyors٭
  7. Land Scape design٭
  8. refer to our town planning department for what other items maybe required for the application process.
Working Drawings

Working Drawings

The basic requirement for obtaining your building permit, but the MOST important as everything is built from these, every trade including the builder himself reads from these drawings, so they need to show the following

  1. General Notes
  2. Site Plans – existing and proposed
  3. Floor plans – existing and proposed
  4. Elevations – existing and proposed
  5. Sections, specific details
  6. Schedules, specifications
  7. Electrical plans
  8. Minimum requirements and finishes
Commercial Drawings & Shop Fit-out

Commercial Working Drawings, Shop Fit outs

Required as part of your permit, but these need to be of different standards and faster timelines, so they need to show the following

  1. General notes
  2. Location Plan
  3. Site Plan – existing and proposed
  4. Floor plans – existing and demolishing plan
  5. Floor plans – proposed conditions
  6. elevations – existing including existing signage and fittings
  7. elevations – proposed including proposed signage and cabinetry
  8. reflective ceiling plans
  9. cabinetry plans and window plans
  10. finishes and color schedules
  11. floor finishes plan including percentages
  12. signage plans and sizes
  13. schedules

Other Services

Our building design team provides further support and services beyond the standard documentation and these are as follows

Pre purchase building inspections - $500 + GST
A full and through report of your building and its current condition, listing its faults and features. Essential item before purchasing your property

Pre Design Briefing - $450 + GST
A full report onsite with you on how to maximize your design, design ideas, budget requirements, planning issues your design may have and the process around these, full brief on what you will need to obtain the get your permit, material choices and a listing on your buildings faults and features. An essential meeting onsite to get the information you need to start any project and its viability.

Soil Reports - $450 + GST
Base documentation required for town planning and building permit issue on the stability and condition of your existing footings and soil conditions

Building Action Level (BAL) - $350 + GST
A base document required for a building permit issue showing the fire risk and rating for your building and your area.

Building Permit Streamlined Process - $350 + GST
A service that we provide that gets quotes from the engineers and building surveyor for you, we then do all the administration work for the application to the building surveyor who issue your building permit.

Residential 5 Star Energy Reports - $450 +GST
A base document required for a building permit issue showing your buildings energy rating requirements.

Contract Administration - $1250+GST per dwelling
These are the standards and specifications required for tendering of your project

Council Dispensations or report and consents $350+GST (per residential dispensation)
When your design exceeds the siting requirements of the building Act, council may allow this, and this is called a dispensation. This is the fee we charge which includes the council fee, excludes advertising, titles and drawings. Administration only

Local water Approval consents $350+GST (per residential dispensation)
When your design builds over an easement, the local water authority may allow this. This is the fee we charge which includes the application fee, excludes advertising, titles and drawings. Administration only


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