Town Planning

Fast Track Plans and Permits handle every aspect of town planning in Melbourne, making sure that your design plans meet all building permit requirements.

Building permits are a legal requirement for all modern house plans, and there are occasions in which a town planning permit may also be required. The team at Fast Track Plans and Permits take all of the stress out of acquiring a planning and building permit in Melbourne: the Planning Department will submit your house plans alongside your Town Planning Application to the relevant council, and ensure that all permit requirements are met in a cost effective and time efficient way.

Why might you require Town Planning in Melbourne?

  • Starting a business
  • If you are constructing, altering, demolishing or painting
  • Sub-divisions
  • Removing vegetation
  • For commercial buildings and businesses
  • For BMO planning applications and BMO assessments.

Anyone that has tried to lodge a town planning application in Melbourne will know that it can often be a complex, time consuming and frustrating process, with the potential to significantly hold up your project. With our town planning consultants on your side, the process is a breeze: they'll take care of the application, and provide the council with the relevant information. Our town planning consultants sure do know how to secure government approval.

Once you've drafted your building plans, let the most trusted town planning consultants in Melbourne submit your application, saving you time, stress and money. Our expert service has delivered success throughout the city, making construction dreams a reality time and time again.

Contact Town Planning online or call:

Kate Sullivan 0430 825 723

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