s Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Cost Effective Choice

Getting your building design right from the start can save you money, time and stress. The design team at Fasttrack Plans & Permits value and respect this. Part of our guarantee is that you have unlimited concept designs to ensure you are getting the design you are happy with. We understand that you change your mind & that building is a complex process.

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Customer Focused

We understand that the process of building can be stressful, frustrating and confusing. With care, we support you through the process. We return your calls and answer your questions and concerns. We give you realistic time frames so you can plan & prepare your project.

Value For Money

The team at Fasttrack Plans & Permits offer value for money. We offer you an individual design, input and service without the financial strain. We problem solve and find options and solutions to help you get what you want and deserve.


At Fasttrack Plans & Permits we take pride in being honest & organised. We provide detailed written contracts so that you are clear about costs at every stage. There are no hidden costs or surprises.

Guaranteed Completion Time

  1. We guaranteed completion time to deliver your building plans on time, every time.
  2. We guarantee to meet with you at your home or our design office for the initial design consultation within 5 business days.
  3. We guarantee to return your initial call within 4 hours during normal business times.
  4. We guarantee that from the day we are engaged as your design team, we deliver your Building design within 2-3 wks in accordance with your contract.
  5. We guarantee to be highly organized & efficient .
  6. We guarantee to deliver what we promise from the initial contact to the final meeting, we know your time is valuable so we don’t waste it.
  7. We guarantee a Streamlined process which takes the stress out of the Building Certification / Permit stages and dealing with council.

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